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A tree service business’ startup costs alone are typically between $50,000 and $150,000. It’s a great deal of money if you take into account a truck, chipper truck, trailer, in addition to the accounting for a business license, liability insurance, disability insurance, if you need a physical location, auto insurance, equipment insurance, umbrella insurance, and workers’ comp.

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The arboriculture industry in North America has overcome a number of major industry challenges. Many of these tests have been presented by Mother Nature. The year 1930 would begin the decimation of over 75% of the nation’s elms by Dutch elm disease, only to be outdone at the turn of this century by the emerald ash borer infestation which cost over $10 billion in damage and the destruction of over 17 million ash trees.

Today, the devastating wildfires in the western portion of the country will require salvage logging and forest replanting operations, while repeated violent storm activity across the land is keeping tree cutters busy in urban areas.

43% are operating under the same 2016 budget, while 23% cite a 15% or more increase

54% cite finding reliable help as the biggest challenge, while 15% cite Mother Nature

Top 3 pieces of equipment needing an upgrade are – trucks, chippers, aerial lifts

52% believe it’s harder to make a living versus 10 years ago

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If you are in the tree dismantling and removal industry, think about some of the challenges your business faces on a daily basis. Although we don’t claim to know them all, there are a few challenges that exist today that would certainly stand to benefit from a more streamlined and safer operation. A change that modernizes unproductive processes and transforms traditionally dangerous working environments into those that are dramatically safer. A few motivating factors driving a need for an industry transformation include:

  • The difficulty in remaining profitable in a very competitive industry
  • The need to reduce work-related injuries and job site fatalities
  • The real and uncertain status of seasonal workers
  • The ever-evolving and tentative Visa H2B laws
  • Finding and/or training dependable workers

Tree cutting can be a dangerous and labor-intensive job. With a limited crew of workers, a business is limited in the number of contracts they can effectively take on at one time. Additionally, bidding on large projects without adequate manpower and equipment takes its toll in time, effort, and lost profits.

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Safety in the Tree Service Industry

There are constant safety concerns that need to be addressed in the tree service industry, this is something we hear over and over from owners and workers. Most tree service works are not trained properly, some owners just hire random workers to get on the job right away using a chainsaw running jobs with little to the minor experience. However, a high percentage of owners realize the risk of hiring employees that lack the skills and training to perform this level of work. This is why they are having their employees take training to become certified with TCIA and ISA, being a member of either organization, continuing ongoing education is the best bet for owners and their employees. The industry itself is forecast to continue growing, but that trend could begin to contract should there be ongoing safety issues that remain unaddressed.

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Through the years, advancements in personal safety equipment and increased governmental safety regulations have sought to overcome many of the challenges that workers face. 

From the early days of the cross cut saw, the tree care industry has made many advances in equipment, techniques and technologies to meet these challenges. And while this is not to discount all the strides that have been made to increase worker safety and the continuing need for education, however, tree removal for utility line clearance, emergency storm response, and vegetation management still leads the nation in occupational safety hazards. Electrocutions, critical head injuries, falls, machine-related injuries (especially with wood-chippers), and being struck by falling objects continue to inflict workers and cause deadly results.

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